Single Mode

The Single Mode allows players to accurately measure the power peak (Power Burp) or the duration (Long Burp) of their burps and set new records. Each burp is recorded and it can be saved on the device to be used as ringtone or shared on Facebook.


There are three key functionalities in Burpy Single Mode

1) Measure Burp
Burpy has a manometer tool to measure your burping skills. It measures the burp power in decibel. It also measures the burp length with a stopwatch tool.

2) Record Burp
Burpy can record your burps and store them on your phone. You get the possibility to use the burps as ringtone or notification sounds. Burpy records all your burping attempts but you decide to store it on the phone or cancel it, after listening the registration. The recording functionality requires the activation of the Burp Hero Pack.

3) Share Burp
Burpy allows you to share your best burps and new achievements on Facebook. You can brag with your friends about your best burp, or annoy boring people with your recorded burps.

Unleash your best burps!