1. I can’t sign up.
    Make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app and latest version of Burpy. Try logging out of Facebook and back in. Also, make sure the data connection on your device is enabled.
  2. Do I need Facebook to create a Burpy account?
    No, you can create a Burpy account with your email address. We encourage to use Facebook to make sure your sign up is faster and seamless.
  3. How do I skip the count down to record my burp?
    Make sure you go into settings and add the Power Burp and Long Burp shortcuts to your smartphone screen. The shortcuts will bring you directly in the burp recording screen, without the count down.
  4. I lost all my challenges!
    Try signing out and back in, as long as your account has not been deleted you should be fine! If only some of your challenges disappeared, they were 5 days old and we deleted them from our servers. We encourage to save the best burp sounds on the smartphone.
  5. I got a new challenge notification but I don’t see a new challenge.
    Open the Versus Mode and look at the first challenges on the top, they are ordered by date.
  6. Can I report someone?
    Nope, we trust players to use Burpy only for their best burps.
  7. The app keeps crashing.
    Try reinstalling the app. As long as you do not delete your account you will not lose any of your challenges and achievements.